With the iPhone, Android, and several other modern handheld devices, the screen display is of capacitive touch technology for improved responsiveness. These screens are great but usually don't come with styli as their interfaces are purely designed for touch navigation. On cold days, we know how uncomfortable it is using the glass screen of these phones having to reach into your pocket, take your current gloves off and try and answer only to mis the call, so what better way to operate your device than with these capacitive touch gloves on a cold day?.

Using sensor technology to conduct with your skin, these gloves enable usage of the capacitive screen as you would using your bare fingers. As the iPhone employs icons throughout, the touchscreen gloves provide accurate navigation with this device and with added convenience too.

Introducing our brand new 3rd Generation touch screen glove, we have taken all the customer feedback from the last few months and have finally created the end all and be all touch screen glove, there is no way to make them any better period. We have finally created the best TOUCH SCREEN GLOVE ON THE PLANET.

So here's what we did:

  • "We doubled the thickness" to over 50g. a pair which we believe is the perfect thickness, any thicker would have made them cumbersome and defeated the purpose of Touch Screen gloves. We made them just the right thickness so you can still reach into your pocket or purse to grab your phone without having to take them off. If you're going skiing, you need waterproof gloves anyways so we recommend using these as the liner. We have found out many of our users love using our gloves indoors with their computer or their IPAD/Android Tablets and E-Readers. Not only will it keep smudges and greasy hands off your touch screen devices, they simply work better than your normal fingers.These gloves are meant to be used often in regular day to day activities, these gloves are no longer an cold item accessory , they are now a Touch Screen Device NECESSITY !
  • "We added over 200 Polyurethane bumps" to help you grip your cell phone or anything, steering wheel, cup of coffee. Regular gloves are slippery, and make it very hard to grab anything or do much with no grip, don't you remember when you dropped your phone the other day? Lucky it didn't break...now you will be like spider man, these tiny bumps are like small suction cups that grab on to all materials so you never have to worry again. These are the top of the line GripZ, and solved what was a major flaw with gloves in general.
  • "One size fits all" now with people all different shapes and sizes how the heck can you make a glove one size fits all? Easy we use a special type of fiber material that will shrink in your home dryer. The gloves start off large enough to fit a man 6'8", and when you put them in your dryer hi-temp, they can fit a woman 4'11". With this in mind, if you like the starting size please wash in Cold water and let air dry. We have Both BLACK AND PINK Color available in the brand new unreleased to the public GRIPZ 2's

The only way to purchase these is NOW and online as we will not be releasing into stores until Sept 2012.