Frequently Asked Questions

Will these touch screen gloves work with all Touch Enabled Cellphones?
Our Touch Screen Gloves work with all touch screen enabled phones, android, iphone, ipad, track pads on keyboards, touch tv's , Atm machines. If they don't we will refund your money no questions asked.

What size are the gloves?

The gloves are one size fits all. With EZ-Shrink technology simply get wet, put in dryer on high heat for 30 min. Gloves will shrink, but won't lose thickness. Only do this if they are loose.
Air Dry if you want to keep the size.

How warm are the gloves?
The gloves are intended to be used from 35 degrees and above to keep your hands warm. They work great as additional protection in ski gloves as well.

How well can I text with the gloves?
The gloves are very good for texting, many users report they are better than their own bare fingers.

Will these gloves scratch my cell phone?
No, you can even use them to wipe and keep your phone smudge free.

How do you clean them?
Wash in cold water, air dry.

How long will the gloves last?
As long as you take care of them they should last 2-3 years of continuous use.

What do they feel like?
They are very soft and feel like cashmere.

How do they work?
They have conductive fibers on the tips that work with your body's natural electricity.